Railway Bullpen 6-pack

The Railway power and data solution is ideal for any work place, making it simple to distribute reliable power to multiple users. The rail features double and single side systems, separate cable/data channel that allows for lay-in cable runs, up to 8 AC power outlets per rail (plus data ports) and all electrical and data wiring is hidden inside.

Available in black, white, and silver.

Model # List Price
RAIL-KIT36-6PK-BLPN-SNGL-___ $3,932.00
RAIL-KIT48-6PK-BLPN-SNGL-___ $4,049.00
RAIL-KIT60-6PK-BLPN-SNGL-___ $4,247.00
RAIL-KIT72-6PK-BLPN-SNGL-___ $4,458.00
RAIL-KIT36-6PK-BLPN-DBL-___ $4,052.00
RAIL-KIT48-6PK-BLPN-DBL-___ $4,169.00
RAIL-KIT60-6PK-BLPN-DBL-___ $4,367.00
RAIL-KIT72-6PK-BLPN-DBL-___ $4,578.00

Silver 36" and 72", all Black and all White finish options are LT designated items. Call for on-hand availability

  • (4) Four available widths: 36.0" 48.0" 60.0" 72.0"
  • Double and single side systems
  • 18.0" post height
  • 4.0"w x 12.0"d full foot - standard, 4.0"w x 8.0"d half foot- optional
  • Separate cable/data channel that allows for lay-in cable runs
  • Up to 13 double runs or 26 single runs can be connected to each other
  • Up to 8 AC power outlets per rail plus data ports
  • Flexible power feeds with 3.5" of extension through flexible metal conduit
  • UL listed as an Office Furnishing Accessory (UL1286), UL183, and in full compliance with NEC electrical specifications
  • Optional electric compliance available for municipal standards such as NY Box, California Title 24, and Chicago 
    • Please reference the Railway Spec Guide for more details
  • 20 amps
  • (4) Four circuits with 4-line conductors, 2 neutrals and 2 grounds
  • Up to 13 duplex receptacles per circuit (total of 52 available duplex receptacles allowed)
  • 12 AWG line conductors which share a 12 AWG ground and 10 AWG neutral
  • Fourth circuit is isolated and dedicated
  • Warranty: 15 yr. (structural) / 7 yr. (electrical)