Espree + Worksurface

The ESPREE height adjustable table is available with 4 popular worksurface options.

Designed to fluidly adjust while equipped with all of your workstation essentials, the Espree supports quick and effortless sit-to-stand adjustments. 

Click to view Worksurface Ordering Guides and Laminate Options. 

Model # List Price
2R4824-__-2ESP-C48-ADJ-SLV $2,097.00
2R6024-__-2ESP-C60-ADJ-SLV $2,425.00
2R4830-__-2ESP-C48-ADJ-SLV $2,137.00
2R6030-__-2ESP-C60-ADJ-SLV $2,220.00

For GSA List pricing, please refer to the GSA Pricelist

Price includes table base and work surface. Use laminate guide to specify laminate code.

  • Height adjustment range: 19.6" 
    • Low: 26.2" | High: 45.8" (excluding worksurface)
  • Adjustable feet: 22.0"or 28.0" long (patented design)
  • Base lifting capacity: 
    • 2ESP-C48-ADJ: 38 lbs.–83 lbs.
    • 2ESP-C60-ADJ: 49 lbs.–94 lbs.
  • Table bases accommodate worksurfaces measuring 48.0" and 60.0" in width
  • Counterbalanced columns provide smooth, synchronized height adjustment
  • Fixed width frame
  • Optional casters are available
  • Warranty Espree: 15 yrs. structural | 7 yrs. mechanical
  • Available on GSA contract