Continuing Education

Workspaceology:  Optimizing the 21st Century Workspace

Course Description

Learn how to assess, identify, and improve the critical elements of workspaces that impact productivity and well-being. Also learn how 6 current workplace trends (cloud computing, mobility, smaller workstations, collaborative spaces, larger monitors, and wellness) are impacting the workplace, along with multiple generations all working together in the workplace.


Learning Objectives

 Students will be able to assess a workstation based on OSHA requirements

 Students will be able to identify problems with the workstation that may be a potential risk to the worker

 Students will be able to recommend ways to improve the workstation to reduce potential risk to the worker

 Students will be able to facilitate a written assessment of workspace elements that focus on productivity and well-being


Course Content Outline

  1. Current Workplace Trends
  2. Assess, Identify, and Improve Critical Workspace Elements
  3. How to Combine Design, Technology, and Wellness
  4. Simple Ways to Improve Productivity and Well-Being at Work
  5. OSHA Guidelines for Individual Workstations
  6. Practical Tips for Moving More at Work – and Sitting Less
  7. 5 Real Life Case Study Scenarios of Potential Workstation Risks


IDCEC Units: 0.1

CEU Number: CEU-104590

Designation: General

Learning Level: Basic

Subject Code:

4. Design Specialties 

1. Corporate Office