Available in silver (SLV), black (BLK), and white (WHT)


See the Railway Spec guide for more information.

Model # List Price
POSTKIT-120-DBL-___ $325.00
POSTKIT-180-DBL-___ $348.00
POSTKIT-180KO-DBL-___ $310.00
POSTKIT-3WAY-DBL-___ $362.00
POSTKIT-4WAY-DBL-___ $378.00
POSTKIT-90-DBL-___ $348.00
POSTKIT-END-DBL-___ $333.00
  • Available in 90º, 180º, 180ºKO, 3-way, 4-way, 120º, or end configuration
  • Post dimensions are 3.3" wide by 3.3" deep, by 18.0" high.
  • Includes one 12.0" T-foot including a hardware pack for foot mounting
  • Includes one mounting bracket per cutout for rail mount (example: 3-way includes (3) three brackets, 180º and 90º both contain (2) two
  • Includes one top cap