Freestanding Bracket Configuration - frosted

a: type of screen
b: screen length
c: screen height
d: screen style
e: bracket finish

Acrylic screen model # breakdown:
Clear Acrylic = CLR
Frosted Acrylic = FST

Gapping Options:
No Gap = NG
4.0 Access slot: 4G

Model # List Price
ACRF-2424-__-FST-SLV $418.00
ACRF-2430-__-FST-SLV $455.00
ACRF-3024-__-FST-SLV $455.00
ACRF-3030-__-FST-SLV $498.00
ACRF-3624-__-FST-SLV $489.00
ACRF-3630-__-FST-SLV $544.00
ACRF-4824-__-FST-SLV $561.00
ACRF-4830-__-FST-SLV $635.00
ACRF-6024-__-FST-SLV $700.00
ACRF-6030-__-FST-SLV $789.00
ACRF-7224-__-FST-SLV $771.00
ACRF-7230-__-FST-SLV $878.00

Cleaning/Care instructions: Clean with soap and water and a soft cloth, or non abrasive cleaners that do not contain ammonia. 

  • Quickly retrofit an existing workspace
  • Provides separation and peace of mind when coming back to the office
  • Available lengths: 24.0”,30.0”, 36.0”, 48.0”, 60.0”, and 72.0” (screens will be 3.375” shorter than worksurface)
  • Available heights: 24.0” and 30.0” (height is measured from the top of worksurface to top of screen. Screens will be 0.25” shorter than nominal height shown)
  • Brackets are available in silver finish only
  • Available screen styles: Clear and Frosted
  • Screen thickness: - Clear: 0.24” (CLR) -Frosted: 0.22” (FST)
  • Available access opening: - No gap (NG) - 4.0” gap access slot (access slot is approximately 4.25” in height and widths vary depending on screen size)
  • 48” screens and smaller include two foot brackets, 60” screen and larger include 4 foot brackets
  • Foot brackets will include adhesive to secure to surface if desired
  • Minimum order requirements: - Standard screen sizes have NO minimum order qty - Custom orders will be assessed on a case-by-case basis depending on the size
  • Rounded edges and corners for user safety
  • Lead time 2-4 weeks, pending acrylic is available
  • Custom options available, contact our Customer Service Department with questions
  • Made of general purpose cast acrylic