Lift and Lock articulating arm with short track

Model # List Price
AA330 $246.00

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Lift‑and‑lock articulating arms provide quick and easy height adjustment. To position the platform to the desired height, simply tilt the platform up, then raise or lower. Release the platform and the arm will lock into place. 

  • Lift‑and‑lock height adjustment 
  • ±15º tilt adjustment 
  • 360º rotation 
  • 17.8" glide track (platform may not fully retract in its stored position) 
  • Height adjustment range: 7.0"
    • 2.5" above track | 4.5" below track 
  • Positions platform flush with the work surface 
  • Release handle for independent tilt adjustment 
  • Warranty: 15 yr. 
  • Available on GSA contract