Worksurface Ordering Information

How to order:

Worksurfaces have multiple model numbers based on worksurface dimensions.

ESI offers Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) in 6 styles for both 
quick ship and standard worksurfaces. Additionally we offer
High Pressure Laminate (HPL) in 14 standard styles and 6 premium 
styles. See page 67 for more details on laminates. Use the worksurface
two letter color code to complete your model number.

Download the Complete Table & Worksurface Guide here

Disclaimer: ESI work surfaces are specifically designed to work with ESI height adjustable table bases. If a different application is going to be used, please contact customer service for more details.

Worksurface part number breakdown:

a: worksurface shape
b: worksurface width
c: worksurface depth
d: laminate material
e: laminate color


This product number represents:
Rectangle shape
48.0" wide and 24.0" deep TFL standard 
Designer White laminate  

General information

Worksurfaces can be sold separately or in combination with a 
table base. Warranty: 5 yr.

ESI worksurfaces are made to exact dimensions. If nominal sizing is needed, please specify when ordering. TFL worksurfaces are 1.0" thick. HPL worksurfaces are 1.125" thick.

Lead times
For standard colors and sizes the leads times are as follows. Lead time may vary depending on quantities ordered and their availability. For custom sizes and laminates please see below:

TFL quick ship: 48 hours  
TFL standard: Within 3 weeks 
HPL standard: Within 3 weeks
HPL premium: Within 3 weeks

Custom options:
For more information on alternative worksurface shapes, thicknesses, edge detail, laminate options, and pre-drilling, contact our Customer Service Department. Extended lead times and upcharges will apply on all custom requests. Orders with custom laminates or custom edge detailing will both require a standard solid edge banding.

Edge detail:
Worksurfaces ship with standard square edge profile and coordinating 3mm edge band with a 3mm top radius. Alternative edge detail options are available at additional cost.

Square edge  

Laminate materials:
Worksurfaces are available in select Wilsonart® and Uniboard® laminate options. ESI worksurfaces are either Thermally Fused Laminates, High Pressure Laminates or Premium High Pressure Laminates. Please indicate laminate color choice by adding the 2-letter code at the end of the worksurface model number.

Thermally fused laminates (TFL) - quick ship and standard
Worksurfaces consist of a single printed decor paper fused directly by heat and pressure to the core material of MDF or particle board.

TFL benefits: cost efficient, consistent and uniform, water resistant, scratch resistant.

High pressure laminates (HPL) - standard and premium
Worksurfaces consist of a melamine treated printed decor paper fused to multiple sheets of kraft paper. Heat and pressure bond all the sheets together creating a flexible and durable piece of plastic type material which is then adhered to MDF or particle board.

Standard HPL benefits: durable, versatile, stylish, heat resistant, water resistant, scratch resistant, impact resistant, hygienic qualities.

Premium HPL benefits: Same as standard HPL, plus enhanced performance to durability and scratch resistance.

Available shapes and woodgrain pattern direction:
Please see the diagrams for the direction of the woodgrain pattern on each worksurface shape. 

Equal Corner worksurfaces measuring 72x72x24 and 72x72x30 will ship in 2 pieces. 120-degree worksurfaces measuring 72x24 and 72x30 will ship in 3 pieces and include joining brackets.




TFL options: Available for TFL quick ship or TFL standard worksurfaces



DW - Designer White
Wilsonart - D354-60
G - Grey
Wilsonart - 1500-60
DV - Dove Grey
Wilsonart - D92


BG - Beigewood
Wilsonart - 7850-60
PC - Phantom Charcoal
Wilsonart - 8214K-28
SO - Shadow Oak
Wilsonart - 762



HPL standard options:  Available for HPL standard and ships within three weeks



DW - Designer White 

Wilsonart - D354-60

LN - Linen 

Wilsonart - D427-60

AQ - Antique White 

Wilsonart - 1572-60

GR - Grey

Wilsonart - 1500-60

PL - Platinum 

Wilsonart - D315-60

KB - Khaki Brown 

Wilsonart - D50-60

SH - Shadow 

Wilsonart - D96-60

SL- Slate Grey 

Wilsonart - D91-60

BK - Black 

Wilsonart - 1595-60




MM - Manitoba Maple 

Wilsonart - 7911-60

BG - Beigewood 

Wilsonart - 7850-60

BZ - Brazilwood 

Fine velvet
Wilsonart - 7946-38

HC - Hibiscus Cherry 

Fine velvet
Wilsonart - 7988-38

PW - Pinnacle Walnut 

Fine velvet
Wilsonart - 7992-38




HPL premium options: Available for HPL premium worksurfaces and ship within three weeks


PP - Phantom Pearl 

Gloss line finish with Aeon
Wilsonart - 8211K-28

PE - Phatom Ecru 

Gloss line finish with Aeon
Wilsonart - 8212K-28

WH - Walnut Heights

Soft grain finish with Aeon
Wilsonart - 7965K-12

EM - Empire Mahogany

Fine velvet
Wilsonart - 7122T-38

PC - Phantom Charcoal 

Gloss line finish with Aeon
Wilsonart - 8214K-28

AN - Asian Night 

Linearity Finish with Aeon
Wilsonart - 7949K-18


Available shapes



Offset Corner Left   Offset Corner Right
  Equal Corner  
120°   Rectangle


Equal Corner worksurfaces measuring 72x72x24 and 72x72x30 will ship in 2 pieces.
120-degree worksurfaces measuring 72x24 and 72x30 will ship in 3 pieces and include joining brackets.

Freight Terms Update
U.S. - Orders of $3,500 list (USD) or more, ship free freight. Orders under $3,500 list incur a flat $25 net fee. Residential freight deliveries will incur a flat $70 net fee.

Canada - Orders of $4,375 list (CAD) or more, ship free freight. Orders under $4,375 list incur a flat $50 net (CAD) fee. Residential freight deliveries will incur a flat $140 net (CAD) fee.