Rectangle TFL Standard

Worksurfaces have multiple model numbers based on worksurface dimensions.

ESI offers Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) in 6 styles for both quick ship and standard worksurfaces. Additionally we offer High Pressure Laminate (HPL) in 14 standard styles and 6 premium styles. 

Use the worksurface two letter color code to complete your model number.

See the Complete Table and Worksurface Ordering Guide for the laminate options that are available.

Model # List Price
2R3624-TFL-__ $195.00
2R3630-TFL-__ $210.00
2R4224-TFL-__ $220.00
2R4230-TFL- $230.00
2R4824-TFL-__ $250.00
2R4830-TFL-__ $275.00
2R6024-TFL-__ $300.00
2R6030-TFL-__ $350.00
2R7224-TFL-__ $375.00
2R7230-TFL-__ $400.00
2R8424-TFL-__ $420.00

For GSA List pricing, please refer to the GSA Pricelist

Worksurfaces can be sold separately or in combination with a table base.

Warranty: 5 yr.

ESI worksurfaces are made to exact dimensions. If nominal sizing is needed, please specify when ordering. TFL worksurfaces are 1.0" thick. HPL worksurfaces are 1.125" thick.

Lead times: 
TFL quick ship: 48 hours, TFL standard: Within 3 weeks , HPL standard: Within 3 weeks, HPL premium: Within 3 weeks

Lead time may vary depending on quantities ordered and their availability.

Edge detail:
Worksurfaces ship with standard square edge profile and coordinating 3mm edge band with a 3mm top radius. Alternative edge detail options are available at additional cost.

Laminate materials:
Worksurfaces are available in select Wilsonart® and Uniboard® laminate options. ESI worksurfaces are either Thermally Fused Laminates, High Pressure Laminates or Premium High Pressure Laminates. Please indicate laminate color choice by adding the 2-letter code at the end of the worksurface model number.

Thermally fused laminates (TFL) - quick ship and standard
Worksurfaces consist of a single printed decor paper fused directly by heat and pressure to the core material of MDF or particle board.

TFL benefits: cost efficient, consistent and uniform, water resistant, scratch resistant.

High pressure laminates (HPL) - standard and premium
Worksurfaces consist of a melamine treated printed decor paper fused to multiple sheets of kraft paper. Heat and pressure bond all the sheets together creating a flexible and durable piece of plastic type material which is then adhered to MDF or particle board.

Standard HPL benefits: durable, versatile, stylish, heat resistant, water resistant, scratch resistant, impact resistant, hygienic qualities.

Premium HPL benefits: Same as standard HPL, plus enhanced performance to durability and scratch resistance.

Worksurface Ordering Guides