Q Crank TFL

Q Crank tabe base and worksurface


See the Complete Table and Worksurface Ordering Guide for more information

Model # List Price
2QC_-R4824-QS-T__ $1,425.00
2QC_-R6030-QS-T__ $1,546.00
  • ​Crank height adjustment
  • 220  lb. base lifting capacity
  • 1.0" per two cranks adjustment speed
  • 17.5" height adjustment range
    • 24.8"–42.3" (low/high) (excluding worksurface)
  • Two stage adjustable legs
  • C-leg
  • Adjustable width frame accommodates worksurfaces 36.0"–72.0"
  • Locking casters are available
  • Complete tables available (base and top)
  • Warranty:  15 yr. (structural) / 7 yr. (mechanical)

  • Worksurfaces can be sold separately or in combination with a table base.
  • We offer Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) in 6 styles for both quick ship and standard worksurfaces. Additionally, we offer High Pressure Laminate (HPL) in 14 standard styles and 6 premium styles. 
  • Warranty: 5 yr.


ESI worksurfaces are made to exact dimensions. If nominal sizing is needed, please specify when ordering.