Available in silver (SLV), black (BLK), and white (WHT)

48.0" and 60.0' silver rails will ship in 48 hours. All other sizes and finishes will be LT

See the Railway Spec guide for more information.

Model # List Price
RAIL-RWY36-DBL-CALI-___ $1,029.00
RAIL-RWY36-DBL-CHI $1,029.00
RAIL-RWY36-DBL-___ $1,029.00
RAIL-RWY48-DBL-CALI___ $1,077.00
RAIL-RWY48-DBL-CHI___ $1,077.00
RAIL-RWY48-DBL-___ $1,077.00
RAIL-RWY60-DBL-___ $1,158.00
RAIL-RWY60-DBLCALI-___ $1,158.00
RAIL-RWY60-DBLCHI-___ $1,158.00
RAIL-RWY72-DBL-CALI___ $1,244.00
RAIL-RWY72-DBL-CHI___ $1,244.00
RAIL-RWY72-DBL-___ $1,244.00
  • Available in 36.0", 48.0", 60.0", and 72.0"
  • 48.0" and 60.0" rails in silver will ship in 48 hours. All other sizes and finishes with be LT
  • Includes top data cover in matching size and finish fordata cable management
  • Four duplex power receptacles
  • Two data receptacles with (2) two ports each for data and phone
  • One set of connectors for post mounting
  • Two blank plate covers for covering unused ports
  • New York City (NY) will need a special rail. See page 23 of the Railway Spec guide for more informaiton.
  • Code compliant rails may incur a longer lead time. Please contact Customer Service for a quote.
  • Chicago compliant rails will not receive receptacles or power blocks due to